Director: Jordan Peele

Run Time: 1 Hr 44 M

Horror / Mystery 

D.O.M: 2017


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

People will be talking about this one for a long time.

Get Out is an extremely powerful, poignant horror movie with some humor. Whatever elements of action  that are present take a backseat to the real human drama that plays out when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) meets his white girlfriend’s eccentric family.

The characters are fleshed out immaculately, with Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener in their best performances to date, and Caleb Landry Jones in an appropriately, intensely creepy role. But Kaluuya is the star here, and he delivers with zeal a shocking depth and range of emotions. In fact, more often than not its what he doesn’t say that delivers the most impact… which is all to say that this masterpiece could not have been accomplished without the masterful direction of Jordan Peele.

Peele builds atmosphere and tension like the Big Bang, dunking you into the mind of the main character while he navigates through very visceral danger.

If you’re looking for a film that sets out to entertain first and foremost with shock and terror, but also with poignant social commentary and real philosophical meat to chew on, Get Out is the movie you need to see. You won’t regret it.

This isn’t Cabin in the Woods, Peele isn’t interested in subverting genre conventions. What he has crafted is entirely original and unique, and thankfully free of clichés or stereotypes.

There are no “monsters” here. The real villains are entitlement, egotism, and objectification, and g.d. they are scary!

Horror Rating: 7*

Story Rating: 8*

Director/Acting: 9*

I give GET OUT a rating overall:


Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

Director: Oren Peli

Run Time: 1 hr 25 Minuets 

DOM: 2007

Thriller/ Supernatural Thriller

98% of the movie was completely TERRIBLE! The plot sucked, the acting sucked, and the camera movement was exaggerated and made me want to throw up.

Throughout the entire movie I was hoping and praying that there was going to be something scarier that would happen. This is the entire movie summed up for you.

Something weird happening to the girl..the start recording themselves to see if they catch footage or weird things happening..they hear a noise..they go to sleep..the door opens…they go to sleep…something moves downstairs..they go to sleep..something bangs on the walls..they go to sleep..something breaths..they go to sleep..finally something a little bit scary happens..the movie ends…oh ya and at one point a demon with hooves leaves three footprints on the floor.

There was a scene that gave the plot a little bit of hope. They hear noises one night and find out that their attic has been opened. The boyfriend goes upstairs and find a picture. The picture ends up being a picture of the girlfriend when she was little and part of the picture is burned off. Creepy . Then the plot goes back to the same thing. When that scene happened i was thinking, “oh o…. looks like it might start getting interesting”. Then all of my hopes were smashed as the plot no so plot continued.

When you read peoples comments saying it was the scariest movie they had ever seen, I really don’t know what them people was thinking, in my opinion this movie SUCKS!

Paranormal Activity is RATED: 15 which I think is Pretty accurate.

Horror Rating: 2*

Story Rating 3*

Directing/Acting: 3*

My overall Rating for Paranormal Activity is:




Director: James Wan

Date Of Movie: 2010

Run Time: 1 hr 42 minuets

Thriller/ Supernatural Thriller

The film Insidious has done something many horror movies have failed to do, and that is to be scary.

Insidious has a lot of really intense moments that scare, and then grab hold of you. Its not entirely made up of “make you jump” scenes, which it does have, but scenes with genuine horror.

Without giving anything away the movie does not just talk about whats scary, or show the the aftermath of something going on in a room that you can only hear until its over and the door magically unlocks. Insidious shows you whats scary, and quite often reminds you whats there waiting in the dark.

As scares goes, this was definitely scary, there were several moments in the film that gave me goosebumps !! There were also the classic jump out of your seat moments too. Some scenes were creepy and the mixing of music and sounds were done superbly to add to the Horror. So the movie does deliver as far as scares are concerned.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone up for a good scare. If you aren’t an experienced scary movie watcher, this is a good starter. And trust me, you will check all the closets and doors when you get home from the theatre.

Horror Rating: 9*

Story Rating: 8*

Director/Acting: 9*

Overall Rating for Insidious


The Eye

The Eye

Directors: David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Run Time: 1 Hr 36 Minuets

Date Of Movie: 2008

Thriller/ Psychological Thriller


Okay so this isn’t the best horror movie ever made, but then again its not the worst movie ever made.

Jessica Alba plays Sydney Wells, a blind violinist who receives a cornea transplant only to discover that her new set of peepers allow her to see much more than she had originally bargained for: Sydney can see dead people!! Aided by her doctor played by Alessandro Nivola, she attempts to unravel the terrible secret behind her scary supernatural power. On her Travel to unravel the secret behind her supernatural power she finds out that her eyes are seeing not her self, but the donor in which her eyes came from, and all the horrible past that happened to her, and what was yet to come.

The movie really did have some good things going for it like all the camera work for the early scenes when Sydney was blind, the out of focus shots which gave the audience the connection of what the character was actually seeing, which in my book is what keeps the audience involved. I like to pride myself for being able to see a twist before it happens, but the way this was directed, I didn’t see it before this one happened.

The way the movie ended it keeps you asking questions i.e. does Sydney still see dead people? Is She still connected to her donor? etc. I felt in some parts of the movie i was watching Ghost Whisperer as it felt very much the same, by seeing dead people and trying to help them which is basically Ghost Whisperer….

This movie is rated 15 but in my opinion I would let a 12 year old watch it, as there is no real horror just a few jumpy bits which really are not that bad.

Horror Rating: 2*

Story Rating 7*

Director/Acting: 6*

Overall Rating 6*/10